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Freshen up your life with us ⚡️

Being healthy is haaaaard; in fact, LIFE is hard in itself. 

We all hear what we are supposed to do but what if that's not what works for you?

Well, I’m here to make your life easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Struggling to get a good daily routine for your body?

Is working out too much of a faff?

Or just can't like WTF where do I even begin? 

Are you feeling burnt out and have enough on your plate already with your work & life?

Have you decided you want a lifestyle change and need some workout push, meal tips, just general nutritional FACTS and not the salesy nonsense?

Are you into wellbeing and finding your zen?

If you answered yes to any of the above,


I'm Krisztina, founder of FRESH AF UK, and swapped my hospitality & events career to focus on feeling good, inside & out and just bringing the good vibes into an active lifestyle.

Within my career, I have experienced a back-to-back burnout when working for companies that flipped my perspective......and just had enough of exploiting myself to ground zero, so I now put a lot of time into being zen, giving myself rest, eating food that makes me feel good, not just the ones that are supposed to be good for you and discovering natural good things for the mind, body & soul.

As cringe and overused this phrase might be, it's still the foundation & important to remember when trying to sustain a successful career.

That's why Fresh AF UK  focuses on supporting you with those good vibes and the 'love life' feels too.

Without that, what is the point of it all, eh?

We will figure out together what works for you.

Founded in 2022, following a hefty pandemic season, we all need a bit of a Fresh AF start somewhere in life, don't we (biz name reference, yo!)

Based in Birmingham, UK - get in touch and let me freshen up your life today.


Customer Feedback


Krisztina is the hardest working person I know! She never stops striving, without complaining, and having a smile on her face the whole time is something truly exceptional. I admire her work ethic.



Creative, focused, driven. Everything she does, she does 100%. She is just incredible at motivating herself and others around her. Always looking to learn, improve and grow.



Krisztina is one of a kind - a hard working, self-motivated achiever. She communicates directly and respectfully whilst taking simple and tricky tasks in her stride with the same confidence.



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